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What I’ve learned making art is it’s a practice in yielding.  What am I yielding to??  It goes by many names, the Force, Source, God, etc.  I am yielding to the energy of nature, allowing it to move through me and guide my movements.

The way the art comes into form depends on the lens through which it flows.  In this case it flows through me, and me is a collection of my experiences in this life. 

What have I experienced that bends this Light? 

Childhood artistic expressions through drawing and painting initiated me into this process. 

Teenage and early adulthood years drew me into mathematics, physics, and chemistry as I studied, and subsequently practiced engineering. 

My late twenties catapulted onto an adventure sailing across oceans, diving deep into the mystical open spaces only the vast sea can offer. 

Upon returning, building surfboards became the way that energy moved through me, continuing to today, and it was on the open canvas that a shaped surfboard offers that my art had space to evolve. 

It is obvious now how one thing led to another, and the art is obviously a culmination of all of these experiences.

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