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My vision with JIVE

Free to Move

My surfboards and products serve as a gateway to the expansive essence of freedom, empowering you to transcend boundaries and intimately connect with the space around you.


My surfboards and products are not just tools; they are conduits to a state of unrestricted motion, where you become an extension of the rhythm of the earth and the energy of the universe.


Where Do We Go From Here?

Embrace this question as you embark on a journey of exploration. My creations stand by you, propelling you towards new horizons and a redefined sense of movement's purpose.


At JIVE, I infuse every piece with the promise of vibrant energy, amplifying your drive to rediscover yourself and your rhythm. My surfboards and outerwear symbolize my commitment to self-discovery, carrying vibrational energy as you venture into uncharted waters.


Experience the exhilaration of connecting to the space around you – a dance between you, our creations, and the world.  Envision my products as your comfortable launchpad, providing the perfect foundation for you to courageously expand into new dimensions.


My promise is a product you can love – a cherished companion on your journey. From meticulously hand-shaped surfboards that encapsulate your aspirations, to outerwear that embodies your spirit, each creation is a testament to our shared commitment.


Let's embrace the unknown and embark together on this voyage.

Jacob Ells
Designer and Shaper

IMG_2453 2.JPG
I am inspired by the lines you can draw on the waves across California, the styles you can access, the sensations you can stumble upon, and the passion which the local surfers and shapers share.

I am moved with this passion, helping surfers access those subtle eurekas!


Daydream Surf Shop

Newport Beach



San Francisco



San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Venice


Icons of Surf

San Clemente



Pismo Beach


Holysmoke Surf Shop


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