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A custom surfboard is built for YOU. 

  -How tall are you?

  -How much do you weigh?

  -Where do you surf?

  -What is your surfing level?

  -Where do you want to go with your surfing?

  -What is currently lacking in your surfing life?

This is where the conversation starts and it gives us a path to follow, discovering the best board to meet your needs.

What do you get out of this?

A board fit to you and your surf conditions.  A board that grows with you, showing you new ways to connect to yourself and your surroundings.  A board that brings you closer to the ocean and the power transmitted through the wave. 

And a board that is an aesthetically pleasing piece of art.

custom board deposit

This puts you in the pipeline immediately!!

This is the deposit for a JIVE custom surfboard.   Once this purchase is complete, we'll continue the conversation about dimensions, design, where you'll be surfing, and what you want to achieve with your surfing.

Every board has the highest quality glassing available, and every board includes a sanded gloss finish.  

Artwork on the board is included, too!

Truly, I am here to help expand your surfing.
Call, text, or email to set up a free consultation call.

custom surfboard pricing:

5' to 6' -- $1025

6' to 7' -- $1125

7' to 8' -- $1175

8' to 9' -- $1275

9' to 10' -- $1350

10' to 11' -- $1475

Remaining due upon completion


why do surfers choose JIVE?

Seiji, California and Japan, LIFTER

“Lifter is the ultimate magic board. I’ve had the chance to try demo boards from the 6’5”, 6’10”, and 7’4” ‘Lifter’ series, and all of them performed impressively well, leaving me amazed. Especially the 6’10” model, with its astonishing acceleration, smooth flow on the wave’s highline, and remarkable turn performance, all perfectly balanced. It evoked a magical sensation unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve promptly ordered my own board in 7’ and bought stock 6’9". Lifter is a must-try for anyone seeking to explore a new dimension in surfing.”

why do surfers THRIVE with their JIVE?

Trevor, Pacifica CA, FUN ZONE

Well I’m a bigger guy (6’3 200lbs) so definitely the size and speed of the board. I love how fast it paddles and handles. When I’m up it’s still a light enough board for me to turn and completely control. I really enjoy the tri-plane hull too. The thin nose and tail makes it easy to duck dive too if necessary!

free consultation

Let's start the conversation about your surfing needs.

Put down your info so I can contact you.

Thanks!  Looking forward to our chat.

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